The quarantine can be a sort of vacation to some but a punishment to others. The prolonged “me” time can become too much, which is why, after a few days or weeks, some of us feel the need to just go somewhere remote and break the isolation. If this is how we feel about our lives in quarantine, do you ever wonder how our pets feel about it? Crusoe, the Dachshund, will tell us all about a dog’s life in quarantine is like through the video below.

Crusoe and Daphne during the quarantine

Meet our favorite Dachshund, Crusoe,  along with his friend, Daphne, in a video that shows us how dogs are during the pandemic. From learning about the deadly virus that caused a lot of scares and deaths around the world to wearing Hazmat suits, these adorable dogs are sharing how serious they are in the “new normal.” On top of all those things, these two furballs stay at home as much as possible to help save lives. Even with all the restrictions, though, they are not getting lonely and inactive because they keep themselves busy with simple activities along with their fur parents at home.

Staying at home can be fun

While a lot of us continuously complain about being quarantined in the comfort of our homes, this video of Crusoe and Daphne inspires us to look at the brighter side of our quarantine lives. These two adorable furballs are following health protocols and staying at home as much as possible. They know that all these things are necessary to keep everyone safe during the pandemic.

Watching Crusoe and Daphne’s video kind of reminds us of protecting our furballs from the deadly virus. Aside from protection, it is also the best time to practice prevention – staying at home during these dangerous times.

Crusoe the Dachshund via Youtube


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