An Ohio man, Mark Krichbaum, was both relieved and elated to finally reunite with his silver Labrador after five months.

The Labrador named Lucy had disappeared from Mark’s farm in July last year and, after a long and tiresome waiting period, eventually was found 50 miles away from where she vanished.

Mark posted the good news on his social media page, and many of his friends termed it as a Christmas miracle.

Mark had bought Lucy when the dog was only five months old. Lucy used to enjoy playing with Mark’s sister’s Boxer at the eighty acres farm that Mark owned.

One day the two dogs wandered to the neighbor’s area, and a couple of gunshots were heard afterward.

The Boxer came back, terrified, but Lucy did not return. Apparently, Lucy got too scared because of the gunshots, and could not reach home after losing her way. Mark tried to search out Lucy everywhere, including all the ditches and creeks in the surrounding area, but without any luck.

Then one of the neighbors told Mark that a Labrador did visit them one day and spent time playing with their daughter, but it had a collar, so they assumed that the dog would find her way home.

Mark, now at least knew that Lucy was alive and was not killed by the gunshot.

Mark started putting up posters about his beloved missing dog and also distributed them to local animal shelters and veterinary facilities.

Finally, one day Mark received a text from a veterinary technician named Lauren Ashley Prater informing him that she was in possession of her sweet dog.

Prater had visited the area while she was on a camping trip and came across Lucy. Prater herself owned a silver Labrador, so she knew very well that the dog was a special one.

On seeing the dog Prater realized that the pooch needed help, so she opened the door of her car, and the dog just jumped straight in.

Prater spent the rest of the day trying to find Lucy’s owner but did not have any luck, so she took the dog home. Then, on December 21, Prater decided to have a look for Lucy’s owner on Facebook and bingo! There she was!

Mark came to pick Lucy up at a dog park near Prater’s house. The dog recognized Mark straight away and came running to him while the owner had tears in his eyes.

Mark was thankful to everyone who supported him during his search for his dog.

Image source: Noelle Bye via Times-Gazette

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