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A neglected dog named Delilah was surrendered by her owners at a shelter. They said that they couldn’t take care of the dog anymore. One look at the dog and people knew that it was neglected. Using her front paw was difficult because her fur was matted.

Soon, Delilah was adopted. Her mom was Mariesa and Mariesa said that when Delilah was new to their house, she was often feeling down. Mariesa’s husband also noticed the same thing. He also added that Delilah’s jaw seemed abnormal because it was crooked and her teeth were not lining up normally.

Delilah’s parents said that they just couldn’t think that someone had the gall to do this to the dog. They wanted the best for Delilah so they decided to amputate the dog’s leg because using it was a lot of a struggle for her.

After Delilah’s leg was amputated, her fur parents noticed just how much better Delilah was. They said that she seemed like a totally different dog. Perhaps it was because she didn’t have any pain to deal with anymore.

Soon, Delilah started to learn how to use only three legs and she was even running. Delilah started to come out of her shell and also started to become affectionate towards her fur parents.

Her fur dad also mentioned that despite having three legs, Delilah just became a beautiful dog inside and out. They had dogs in the house and Delilah quickly became close to all of them. They would do things together and they would have fun together.

Delilah’s fur parents observed that Delilah was already at home in their house. They knew that this dog was going to be with them for a long time. To celebrate this, they bought Delilah her own collar and made this was an official way of saying that she belonged.

Source: thedodo


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