A dog who won against his life battles is now inspiring others to do the same thing.

Noah, a bichon poodle mix, survived a horrendous past with a neglectful backyard breeder in South California. This poor dog was born with deformed hind legs and had no eyes. Noah had to deal with the difficulties of getting around and had to fight for survival.

Saving K9 Lives, a non-profit organization, rescued Noah from his deplorable living conditions. According to the volunteers, the dog weighed two pounds, scared, and very timid. Saving K9 Lives rescuers teamed up with Everything Rosy, another organization that spreads advocacy against backyard breeders. The said group posted Noah’s photo on their Facebook page, hoping to find someone who would help the dog.

Not many people responded to the Facebook post, but Lisa Marie quickly got in touch with Everything Rosy, inquiring about Noah. According to the kindergarten teacher and nurse from Wisconsin, she knew she needed to be with the dog when she saw his photo online. She immediately filled up the required application to adopt Noah.

Saving K9 Lives finally gave the go-signal for Noah’s adoption after a lengthy vetting process. Lisa Marie could not be any more excited to welcome the newest member of her family. According to Lisa Marie, Noah is a precious dog with a unique personality. The sweet dog would sit on her lap, put his head on her neck, and would cuddle her.

Lisa Marie realized that Noah’s hug is the same hug given to people in nursing homes. That’s when the woman decided to bring Noah to work. The dog’s great hug instantly brought changes in sad people. Lisa Marie swore she saw an older woman with dementia smile and grunt in response for the first time in years after being with Noah.

Lisa Marie also brought Noah to schools, inspiring differently-abled students. The dog also became an advocate ambassador against bullying. With his unique looks and warm personality, Noah proves that our physical appearance does not define our worth and that we can all overcome adversaries in life if we have faith.

credits: Noah’s Legacy via Facebook


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