Jess Martin knew it is no easy task to adopt a special needs dog. But this didn’t stop her from bringing Amos home, a one-year-old Staffie who was born blind.

The HR from Cheshire Fire and Rescue service first saw Amos at an animal shelter where she volunteered August last year. Jess then came up with the idea of getting a guide dog for Amos.

Toby, a nine-year-old Border Terrier, was a little wary of Amos at first. However, they ended up being the best of friends, with Toby protecting Amos at all costs. He even helps his friend find his water bowl. They are inseparable.

It even came to a point where Jess saw Toby defend Amos from a dog who almost attacked him in a park. “It was heartwarming. It only means one thing — I made the right choice, and they were made for each other,” Jess mentioned.

Amos used to be very anxious whenever Jess takes him out for walks. But when Toby came in the picture, it was evident that the pup became more confident. Billy, Jess’s partner, describes Toby as a very independent dog. “Toby has taken the role of being Amos’s protector. He acts as Amos’s bodyguard, and that makes them a perfect pair,” he said.

The two bonded well and has developed a unique communication between them, that sometimes, even Jess can’t understand. If Amos suddenly stops while walking, Toby would lie next to him until he’s ready to go.

It’s touching to hear stories about dogs helping out other animals in need. Indeed, they are the purest souls out there. Jess and Billy aim to share Toby and Amos’s story as an inspiration to others. There should be no boundaries in helping out. Check the video below about this duo!

Video credit: Youtube Caters Clips


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