Ellen Goebel’s son, Lennox, has a deep and special friendship with Bogart, their neighbor’s dog. It started the first day they became aware of each other’s existence.

Lennox would frequent Bogart’s house so they could spend time together. When he’s not able to leave home, his canine friend would drop by so they could hang out.

Lennox would always have a huge smile plastered across his face whenever his four-legged pal is around. Bogart, on the other hand, would show his affection by showering the young boy with lots of wet kisses and furry hugs. Seeing these two waste hours away hanging out, talking, and playing is always a delight to see. This is why Ellen and Bogart’s fur mom make sure the duo get to spend enough time together each week.

365 days of separation

Things were going so well for the inseparable two when Bogart’s human received news every musician would want to hear. She was given an invitation to share her music with more people and go on tour. While this news made her heart flutter, she knew Bogart and Lennox would have a reaction far more different than hers.

The reason behind this being, going on tour meant she wouldn’t have time to look after her fur baby. She would need to send him to California so her mom could look after him. Of course, this would also mean that pooch wouldn’t be seeing his human best friend for a year.

Lennox was devastated when he learned about the news. He cried non-stop the day Bogart and his musician mom left for California. The smile he used to wear every single day disappeared, and there was nothing his mom could do to brighten up his spirits.

Home at last

When the tour finally ended, Bogart’s mom immediately went to California to pick him up. She also called Ellen to arrange a surprise reunion for Lennox and her fur baby. Watch the video to see what happened:

Credits to Ellen Tift


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