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This breed originates from Japan.

The group type is Companion, UKC, Toy, AKC.

The typical height is 8 to 11 inches.

The typical weight is 4 to 11 pounds.

This breed has a low activity level.

The only special need for this breed is grooming.

Potential health concerns for this breed include cataracts, back problems, luxating patellas, and back problems.

Physical Description:  The general shape of this breed is small, square, and well-balanced. The ears are small, triangular, drop style. It has short, broad muzzle with a small nose with open nostrils. The head is large and round and features large dark eyes. It features a single coat that is profuse, silky, and straight. The coat on the tail and thighs are heavily feathered. The coat colors comes in the following combinations: black and white, red and white, or white and black with tan points.

Temperament:  Moreover, this small breed is intelligent, mild-mannered, and sensitive. It gets along with almost everyone. It has an excellent memory and demonstrates strong likes and dislikes. Some have described its habits as cat like.

History of the Breed:  Many believe that the breed originated in China and was brought to Japan as part of a gift from a Chinese emperor. It became popular among the Japanese nobility. It was seen outside Asia for the first time in 1853 when the country finally opened to western trade.

Owner Type:  This breed, for instance, does well among either the suburbs, city, or the country setting.


Source:  The Original Dog Bible, 2nd edition.


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