This breed originates from Finland.

The group type is Northern, UKC.

The typical height is 19.25 to 23.5 inches.

The typical weight is 44 to 51 pounds.

This breed has a high activity level.

Special needs required for this breed is a fenced yard, socialization, leashed, firm training, and outdoor activities.

There are no known possible health concerns for this breed.

Physical Description:  This breed comes in a medium-large size that is sturdy and a bit longer than it is tall. The head is a triangular shape and features a short, thick muzzle. The eyes are small and brown. The nose is large and black. The tail can be either bob or long that is carried loosely over the back. The ears are pricked that are medium sized and is triangularly shaped. The coat is black and white in color that is double coated with a harsh medium length. The hair is straight and longest at the neck, rump, and back.

Temperament: Unfortunately, this breed is not a suitable house pet and is often aggressive with other dogs.

History of the Breed:  This dog is believed to have been descended from indigenous northern European dogs. Some believe it to be related to the Russo-European Laika. Its purpose was to hunt bear and elk alone instead of in a pack. Moreover, it was bred to harass its prey. Most recently, the breed has been used  to deter bears from entering developed suburban areas. It faced near extinction during World War II, but the Finnish Kennel Club has worked to restore the breed.

Owner Type:  Any potential owner will need to be experienced and active and live in a rural setting.  


Source:  The Original Dog Bible, 2nd edition and Wikipedia.


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