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A wedding day is an essential day in a woman’s life. This is the day when she would promise eternity to her partner.

But different customs are observed during the wedding day. One of which is the ‘first look’ of the bride’s wedding dress. Kristen and her fiancé, Duncan Dupree, had an agreement that the latter would only see Kristen on her wedding dress during the wedding day. Kristen, however, did a pictorial with her dog, Zeke.

According to Kristen, Zeke became an integral part of her relationship with Duncan. This is why Kristen decided to exempt the pooch from her ‘first look’ rule, so she did a pre-wedding pictorial with Zeke. During the pictorial, Kristen wore her wedding dress, so it was Zeke who technically saw the wedding dress even before Duncan did.

Zeke was the couple’s best friend. Kristen said that the pooch glued their relationship and made it better. This is why Kristen made a compromise on her ‘first look’ rule. After the pictorial, Kristen became so happy to see how beautiful the photos are because of the pooch. She could not thank the dog enough for his services to her and Duncan.

During the wedding day, the pooch also had unique participation. The dog was part of the entourage and had the chance to dance with Kristen during the reception. Kristen and Duncan are happy that Zeke celebrated with them one of the most unforgettable days in their lives.

For the newlywed couple, they would be good parents to the pooch as well as their future children. They also vowed that even Zeke would always be part of their top priority now that they are a family. Kristen and Duncan are looking forward to their life as a couple with Zeke on the side.

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