Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, will forever be known as the location of the worst and deadliest school shooting in history. The tragic shooting made by an expelled student resulted in seventeen deaths and seventeen injured students. But more than that, it traumatized not only the students but the whole community as well.

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When students returned to their classes later, what was once the scene of fear and terror was replaced by therapy dogs ready to hand out love and comfort to students that needed it the most. Students and teachers of the school said that things would never be the same again, but the presence of the dogs made returning to school more tolerable.

Getting on with life

On the first day of returning to school, students were greeted with flowers and therapists, including the comfort dogs. Their first day was not about learning, but it was about moving on. School officials wanted the students to feel safe in the school once again. The therapy dogs were there to help alleviate stress and anxiety.

The therapy dogs continued to go to their school every day to give comfort and joy to the whole school community. They are available for teachers and students to pet and hug or maybe spend a quiet minute or two. The dogs join the students in the cafeteria, and some of them go inside the classrooms.

For their efforts in helping the school help, the fourteen therapy dogs were included in the school’s yearbook. Every dog was given something special to wear and was photographed. They were also given their own page as recognition for all the help that they provided. This project has brought them closer to the whole community, and it has gone viral online. They will forever be commemorated for helping the students in their most trying times.

Source: Inside Edition via Youtube

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