If you wake up at night and find something found its way into your living room, what do you think would you do? Would you feel scared or mad that someone broke inside your home and disturbed your sleep?

What if the scary intruder is not so scary and dangerous after all? What’s if it’s just a harmless little pup?

Luckily, this couple did not opt for any baseball bat when they woke up in the morning since it was only a dog resting in their living room. Jack Jokinen and his wife had no idea how an animal got inside their house.

They could have sworn they closed all their windows and doors.

Alarmed by this, Jack checked their home’s security footage and saw that he indeed failed to latch the door properly when he and their dog George returned from their walk.

The winds got stronger throughout the night, which opened the door to the sidewalk.

The next thing they saw on the footage was the malnourished dog. She was seen walking down the street until she noticed the open door. She went inside and made her way into the living room.

Later in the video, they saw a kind-hearted person who closed their door shut after the dog went inside. When the couple checked on the dog, fleas infested her.

Jack and his wife contemplated whether they should try to find out if the dog had an owner or not, but instead, they decided to take the dog to the vet.

The dog was diagnosed with a paw infection and some dental issues, which cost the couple a lot of money.

But after finding out that the dog was nine years old at the time, they wanted to rescue her and give her a permanent place she can call home.

They could not believe that out of all the dangerous possibilities, the universe chose a dog to break into their house, and that reason was enough to keep her.

They decided to give their new dog a new name, Suzy. With their friend’s advice, they made a Facebook page for Suzy and posted a picture of her and her story.

It reached a lot of people, and not long after, donations were coming in. They were able to pay for her bills thanks to the people’s charitable deeds.

The couple stated that Suzy is not just their dog. She is the internet’s dog.

Source: The Dodo via YouTube


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