Cody and Katharine live with their adorable Pittie Bub, a rescue dog they initially fostered and eventually adopted from a shelter. They’ve had him for a while now, but they admit they weren’t ready for a second dog. So when Katharine saw that another Pitbull was on the euthanasia list, the couple agreed to simply foster the animal and help him find a home.

Katharine drove to the shelter and picked Simon up. She placed the dog in the backseat and started to go back home. A few miles away from the shelter, however, she had to pull over because the dog realized the backseat was too far from her.

The sweet Pitbull jumped into the passenger seat and immediately showered his foster mom with wet kisses. He felt overjoyed to be out of the shelter, and he couldn’t thank her enough for saving him.

Throughout their drive home, Simon made sure that a part of his body touched his foster mom. When he fell asleep, he lay his head on Katharine’s lap. He felt at ease with her and knew he was finally out of danger.

Katharine introduced Simon to her dog Bub. In an instant, the dogs took to one another and bonded. It’s like they’ve met in their previous lives.

Taking Simon home was a huge adjustment, Katharine admitted. She worried that neither Bub nor Simon would be open to sharing space and toys, let alone sharing her attention. But surprisingly, the dogs just immediately became best of friends.

Katharine and Cody have a pretty active lifestyle, and they hoped that Simon would get along just fine. They took him on his first short hike, and the dog loved being in nature. He enjoyed going out every weekend and discovered a lot of new places.

For the first two weeks, Katharine kept reminding herself not to fall in love with Simon that much. She even asked her friends if anyone’s interested in adopting him. But every time she did, she burst into tears.

All the time they were out, Katharine always felt emotional. But the first time she took Simon to the beach was significantly different. She saw how happy the dog was in his new life.

Katharine and Cody both loved Simon. Despite all their efforts not to foster fail, they simply couldn’t let him go. They adore him, he loves them, and that’s all that matters.

Credits to Instagram@Bub&Simon


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