Kenai and Kono are two sweet dogs whose family recently welcomed their newest addition. Since it was such an important moment, the proud parents wanted to mark the occasion. Of course, these two helped them in the most adorable way.

Kenai and Kono live with their parents, Mandi and Jeremy Johnson, in their Florida home. The Johnsons work as professional dog trainers. That is why Kenai and Kono are used to being the front and center. However, now, the pack has a new member, and her name is Malia.

A baby’s arrival is a piece of good news that most parents want to share. So, when Malia came into the Johnsons’ lives, the proud mom and dad also wanted to make an announcement. However, for Mandi and Jeremy, a simple one would not do.

Jeremy wanted it to be a bit more fun. So, he thought of recreating the iconic scene from Disney’s The Lion King. Everyone in the family must take part, including Kenai and Kono. They were given the role of Malia’s adorable animal admirers.

According to Jeremy, recreating The Lion King has always been something that they wanted to try once they had a child, and now was their chance. He also gave Kenai and Kono credit for always being great sports, so things worked out perfectly.

Malia is only a tiny baby, but she is already making beautiful memories, thanks to her loving parents and equally sweet furry siblings. The Johnsons are looking forward to creating more fun and playful moments like this in the years to come.

Although Malia cannot speak yet, her parents can tell how deeply bonded she is with Kenai and Kono. According to Jeremy, Malia already loves their two dogs so much. Judging from their photos and videos, it seems like Jeremy is right.

Credit: Kono in Orlando

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