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Brindle used to live in a shelter and his main goal was to have a family who would love him. One day, JD Aument came to the shelter and chose to adopt Brindle. From that day on, JD and Brindle became inseparable.

JD was enlisted to serve the country. He was deployed in another country by the Army Reserves as a firefighter. Brindle found it too difficult not having JD around.

Rachel is JD’s wife and she said that Brindle has become sad when JD was deployed. She may be around to care and love the pup but Brindle misses JD a lot. Xander, their other dog, also felt sad but he was able to adapt better.

Brindle was seen just sitting by the window and perhaps waiting for JD to come back home. He would be crying while staring outside.

JD learned about Brindle’s situation and he felt bad for his dog. So what he did was perhaps the best gift ever for a dog like Brindle. He took one of his unwashed shirts and sent it to his dog. Since it was unwashed it still had JD’s scent.

Brindle was very happy when Rachel gave him the shirt after getting it in the mail. The dog automatically knew that it was from JD and he loved it.

Rachel was so happy for Brindle as well. She recorded how Brindle reacted to the shirt and she felt her eyes tearing up seeing the pure love that their dog has for JD.

From then on, Brindle always had the shirt with him. He would bring it with him wherever he goes. He would also sleep with it. Rachel felt that Brindle needed to be close to the shirt so she put it on him so that JD’s scent would be with him everywhere.

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