It’s common for men to choose their best man for their wedding. This groom in Scotland decided to have a good boy to be his best man. It’s his best pal, a sweet and adorable dog.

Jack, a six-year-old Rottweiler, became the best man during Christoper McCarron and Margaret Allison’s wedding. He is a rescue dog who became part of the family and the groom and the bride’s love story.

One random day, McCarron was walking Jack at an animal rescue center. There, he met Allison. The couple learned that they both love dogs. Eventually, they decided to get married.

According to McCarron, when his son passed away, he went to visit the shelter. That’s when he saw Jack for the first time. At first, he didn’t consider adopting the rescue dog because Jack is a little too old.

However, when Jack went near McCarron, the two just clicked. McCarron knew that he needed to take Jack home.

McCarron never expected that aside from a furry buddy, he will also get to meet his future wife on that shelter. The two also clicked because they are both pet lovers.

When they thought about getting married, it was no surprise that they considered Jack to be part of their special day. McCarron decided that being the best man is perfect for Jack. Good thing, the pup seemed to love playing the role.

Allison narrated how Jack behaved during the wedding. When McCarron finally said, “I do,” the adorable pup sneezed. It’s as if he’s saying, “I do too.” Jack also knew how to pose in front of the camera.

The registrar said that he had never seen a dog as best man before. The couple said that Jack got his tuxedo on and he was supposed to carry a cushion with the wedding rings. Unfortunately, the pup decided to go to the garden, and he got a bit dirty.

McCarron added that a lot of people believe that he rescued Jack. The fact is, Jack is the one who saved him, he said.

Credits to Inside Edition for the adorable video.


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