As a photographer, Wesley White traveled all over the country and some parts of the world to do his work. The great thing about his job as a photographer is that he’s able to go on a little vacation during his short breaks while working.

While Wesley was in Belize to do some photography work, he decided to go kayaking, which is one of his favorite hobbies. He rented a kayak from the resort he’s staying with and went out to sea towards a tiny, inhabited island.

He planned to have a picnic on that island and go for a swim. What he didn’t realize was that he was about to make a new friend on that island. When Wesely paddled into the island, he saw something that he couldn’t believe. In the tiny island, he saw a small puppy that looked so thin that every single one of its ribs was showing.

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For Wesley, it’s clear that the puppy wouldn’t be able to survive much longer on the island. As soon as the puppy saw Wesley, it started wagging its tail and eager for attention.

Wesley decided to take the little dog back to him to Thatch Caye into the resort where he was staying. Since he only had a couple of days left of stay in Belize, he wanted to find a new home for the dog, which he named Winston.

He took the dog to the local humane society and found that he was infested with mites, dehydrated, and emaciated. Thankfully, the dog’s organs were healthy, and with patience and care, it’s possible that Winston can regain back his health.

Wesley stayed by Winston’s side for the entire two days to make sure he was alright. However, when he left for home in Montana, Wesley felt heartbroken to leave behind Winston.

After a couple of months, Wesley decided to give it a go and adopt Winston. Winston was flown to Texas where Wesley came to pick him up. The reunion was heartwarming as Winston still recognized his rescuer. He never stopped wagging his tail in excitement upon seeing Wesley.

Wesley was nervous when he took home Winston as he never knew how his other two dogs might react. Thankfully, the three dogs got along just fine, and it wasn’t long that they started to act like siblings.

We never really know when we’ll meet the right dog for us. In Wesley’s case, it was on an abandoned island where he found the newest member of his small family. Here’s a video showing how Wesley met Winston and how the puppy recovered and became the luckiest puppy in the world.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube


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