It’s every dog owner’s nightmare to see an open front door or a broken fence as these are ways that a dog may get out and get lost. And losing a dog is like losing a family member or a close friend.

Dog owners will stop at nothing when it comes to getting their dogs back. Some dog owners even offer a reward to find their lost pets.

Lost dogs can be frustrating, and it will result in many sleepless nights thinking about your dog. It will also involve frequent visits to pounds or animal shelters to see if your dog was rescued, and it will also mean going door to door asking your neighbors to keep an eye out for your dog.

One particular dog owner never gave up on looking for his dog even after a long time. Despite losing the dog for almost three years, the man never gave up looking for his dog and often spent a lot of time searching for his beloved pup. While most people would consider giving up and accepted that they would never see their dog again, this particular dog owner remained hopeful. The man believed that he would be reunited with his dog one day.

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Eventually, the man’s beloved pup was found. After informing the man that his dog might have been found, the man went straight to the animal shelter. When the dog was brought out from the kennel to meet the man, the dog was a little suspicious and didn’t recognize her dad immediately. The dog even showed that she was a bit frightened.

However, the man crouched on the ground to show the dog that he isn’t a threat. The dog decided to come near the man and have a sniff. After that one sniff, the dog’s tail started wagging and placed its paws on the man’s chest. The dog clearly recognized her dad’s smell and showed excitement and happiness to be reunited with her dad again.

After almost three years of separation, the dog finally had her belly rubs from her dad again. The reunion between the man and his lost dog is one of the most heartwarming things you’ll ever see on the internet. Here’s a video of the reunion between the dog and its owner after almost three years of being apart.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube


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