A good Samaritan found an injured stray dog lying on the side of the road. The concerned person picked her up and brought her to the nearest animal shelter.

Melissa volunteered to foster the injured puppy she named Faith and made sure that she receives the medical attention she needed. Melissa had Faith examined by the veterinarians, and the doctors said that Faith needed to have surgery to have both of her legs fixed.

This Dog Is The Definition Of Resilience

Pup found on the side of the road can't stop giving kisses ❤️️

Posted by The Dodo on Friday, January 24, 2020

Melissa knew that Faith was going to survive the operation because she believes that Faith is a fighter. Faith did survive the surgery, and the doctors told Melissa not to expect Faith to move around so much.

Faith was already able to stand on her own just ten days after her surgery, but she was still struggling to walk by herself. Melissa brought a young volunteer with her to help her, and she was surprised to see Faith standing up and crawling to the little boy’s lap with her tail wagging.

Melissa knew right there and then that Faith has the determination to get up on her feet again and be able to walk. Faith started learning how to walk just two days after she arrived at her foster mom’s home.

Melissa was shocked to see that Faith chewed on paper towels, but that did not stop her from taking the naughty dog out for a walk. Melissa said that Faith loved hanging so close to her that she was having a hard time filming her recovery.

Fortunately, Faith was able to heal after four whole weeks of recovery under her foster mom’s care, and she was finally put up for adoption. Kathy saw Faith’s photo online after a year of searching for the perfect dog to accompany her with her adventures.

Kathy knew that Faith is a perfect match for her because of how energetic she was, so she decided to adopt him. Kathy and Faith are both excited to start their new journey together as a family.

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