Dogs can also possess human qualities like perseverance, hard work, diligence, and patience.

Dogs also have an innate ability to be sensitive to the needs of their human companions. They make sure that they are around to attend to their needs as well.

Dogs also like going outdoors. They enjoy going out for a run or a walk. Dogs that are not leash-trained tend to run away and play chase. Despite their playful disposition, dogs can be trained not to run out and stay near his/her owner without a leash.

It is also very imperative to choose a dog breed, depending on your lifestyle. Active dogs like schnauzers and beagles may not be a perfect companion for older adults who do not have the energy to run around with them.

One dog has been tagged as the “World’s Most Patient Dog” because he waits for his elderly companion when they do their morning walks.

One neighbor has been watching the older man and his dog daily when they walk together every morning from his home.

The older man walks with the use of a rollator walker.

On the other hand, the dog, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, is walking on the sidewalk off-leash.

The dog would walk ahead for about six feet and stop, waiting for the older man to catch up on him. When the older man reaches the dog, the dog would walk some distance and wait for the man again. The dog would also occasionally look back to see if his elderly companion catches up to him.

It was a sweet moment that the neighbor had decided to capture it on video and upload it on Rumble. It garnered more than 720,000 views. The video is a gentle reminder that dogs can be a great companion through thick and thin.

More walks for you both!

Screenshot from manale via Rumble

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