It is said that the best way to judge a society is by the way they treat animals. If animals are cared for, such speaks of an enlightened citizenry. Conversely, if animals are constantly subjected to neglect and cruelty, chances are a citizenry is not quite doing well.

With the number of stray dogs around the world due to inhumane breeding, it is perhaps fair to assume that our society is not in its best form. We could do better. Thankfully, there are many organizations and individuals devoted to advance the cause of humane animal treatment.

Animal rescue organizations and shelters take the lead in advancing the cause above. Each year these humane groups rescue animals in need and do their best to find a new home for these previously neglected beings. Their efforts deserve to be celebrated.

Individual efforts from private citizens are worth noting as well. No matter how simple, these efforts truly make a difference. Consider the self-run advocacy of hobby dog photographer Marcus Gier.

I Capture The Spanish Hunting Dogs As They Enjoy Their Life In Freedom- For The "Dia Del Galgo" World Galgo Day On 1. February - World Day For The Spanish Hunting Dogs

Photo courtesy of Marcus Gier

Marcus Gier is based in Cologne, Germany. He took on photography as a hobby. He wanted to mix two of his most favorite things: taking beautiful pictures and dogs.

Marcus is especially charmed by the Spanish Galgos. In Spain, Galgos are bred by the thousands every year. They are bred to become hunting dogs.

The problem is what happens to these dogs once they have outlived their purpose. Soon as they can no longer hunt, Galgos dogs are disposed of in the most inhumane ways. They are often left to fend for themselves, or worse, tortured and killed.

Upon learning about these realities, Marcus Gier decided to devote his photography to give voice to the Spanish Galgos. He now manages an Instagram page that features rescue Spanish Galgos. He also actively participates in The World Galgo Day.

Simple as these efforts seem, they do count.

Source: Bored Panda

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