Sean McCormack, Animal Care Trust Founder and Ross Tweedie, Owner of Taiwan Adventures, heard about an injured dog who lived in a remote village. They knew no one could help this dog, not unless they volunteer and convert their plans into action.

However, they needed to hike a hazardous trail to reach him. Everyone discouraged them from doing such a dangerous task since it would be impossible to carry him down to safety, but they still planned out their rescue.

Sean himself admitted that it would not be an easy one. The animal lover worried that he would be the reason why their rescue will be unsuccessful since he isn’t a hiking expert. Ross, on the other hand, is an expert, yet he also admitted how dangerous their journey would be. But as they banked on their love for animals, both guys persisted.

They left at 3 in the morning and simultaneously arrived at 7:30 am. It was a long trail, but they both felt relief and bliss the moment they saw the poor dog lying beneath the stacked plastic chairs.

When the dog came out, he immediately laid his head in one of their laps. They were in a state of shock why the dog easily approached and took a rest. After a thorough assessment, they discovered that his front legs were severely injured, and was too weak to move. In fact, his life would’ve ended too soon if they didn’t save him.

Witnessing the poor dog’s state fueled their determination to save him. Thus, they treated his injuries first, and then they placed him inside a backpack. They sincerely hoped that he would remain calm all the way down to avoid any problems.

To their surprise, the dog, later named Sandy, remained obedient and calm throughout their journey. By afternoon, they were finally at the bottom.

Both rescuers brought him over the veterinary clinic to get treatment. Sadly though, they needed to amputate both his paws to avoid the spread of infection. But despite his cruel fate, he still showed his gratitude to his rescuers by wagging his tail and playing with them all the time.

Sean and Ross always hoped that Sandy should be adopted in no time, and they weren’t disappointed! A guy volunteered to foster the rescued dog for a while. But a couple of days later, he decided to keep him for good!

We thank you, Sean and Ross, for what you do. Watch the incredible rescue here:

Thanks to The Dodo for the video and photos.


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