Dogs and cats are perennial enemies. Whenever these two species meet, you can expect fangs and claws to show up to the party. However, this isn’t always the case. There are some occasions where a dog and a cat can coexist under one roof, and when this happens, it is an animal lover’s dream come true.

This set up can be achievable if the pet parent is able to train their pets properly. But this isn’t the only condition for these two lovely animals to get along. We all know about how dogs have an extra sense that helps them detect if someone or something is in need of help.

Dogs sort of have a messiah complex, and we are grateful that they do. Because of this frame of mind, they were able to save countless lives and will continue to save more. In this viral video, their ability to sense danger and their savior mentality were combined to save this strange cat, who came out of nowhere.

It was already very late at night when Max heard something moving outside their home. What’s worse is that whatever was out there was hitting against their front door. However, Max knew that this stranger was not an intruder, and he sensed that it was in need of help.

So he woke up his family to alert them of the situation. When Max’s mom and dad woke up, they were surprised, as this was unusual behavior from the pup. They knew well enough that if their dog does this out of the blue, they should pay attention. So they followed Max, who barked and pawed at the front door.

When his dad checked to see what it was, he saw a cat with a bag of chips over its head. It was panicking, and it seemed that it was not able to breathe. Max’s dad removed the plastic bag, and once freed, the cat ran away and disappeared. Because of Max’s vigilance, that kitty is alive today. It goes to show that dogs don’t care who you are, as long as you need help, they will be there for you.

Credits: @Evocative_

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Born and raised in the Midwest, I am a mom, business owner, and a lover of furry animals. There have always been four-footed furry pets in my life. Big or small, it seems I love them all! Most of my pets live long and happy lives and I have been fortunate to have several devoted friends thru the years from small Cocker Spaniels or Llasa Apso to the "let em take over your entire bed" black labs. Whether we buy them, breed them, or rescue them - however they come to our home, they are always welcomed into our family and soon take over a permanent place in our hearts.


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