Haley Decken lived in a house with a lot of rescue animals. All of her pets have their individuality, but one particular canine stood out.

Rescue home

Dunkin was a black dog with a unique smile. A lot of people thought he had a cleft lip, but it was just his attitude. He’d have this grumpy look most of the time, even when he was resting.

The Decken Household had nine dogs, two cats, and a rabbit. The dogs were all varying breeds and sizes, yet Dunkin had always stood out for Haley.

Haley’s mom worked at the local shelter and adopted most of their dogs there. Dunkin was adopted at eight weeks old. When Haley got him, she felt a special connection with him. She was an instant best friend with Dunkin.

If Dunkin wanted to get away from the other dogs, he would easily climb up the counter and just lay there. Haley figured this out when she saw all the other dogs waiting on Dunkin on the floor while looking upon him.

Dunkin was also a fantastic jumper. He’d leap over their six-foot gate and jump over all the small barriers inside their house. His only weakness was with vacuums.

Dunkin’s favorite

Kirby was the most recent addition to the family. Haley thought they had too many dogs when they were eight, but they couldn’t resist cute little Kirby.

Even so, Dunkin can’t stay with him for more than two minutes. He’d just get up and go to his safe space.

Tiny little Kirby was utterly fearless. Haley wonders where the pup finds all his energy because he had so much of it.

Haley loved rescuing dogs. She often found shelter dogs to be entirely overlooked. People tend to miss out on their different personalities and what great dogs they would have been.

Watch the heartwarming video below:

Video Source: The Dodo via Youtube


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