The entire world was disrupted by the sudden arrival of the pandemic. Countries were put on lockdown, the world economy went on hiatus, and people stayed indoors. Our daily routines were so drastically changed that we can’t help but reminisce how simpler life was just a few months ago.

This pandemic has also forced many people to reevaluate certain priorities, shifting to a different and more tolerant mindset. An event that might have once frustrated us to no end, might turn out to be an unexpected blessing. One Taiwanese woman shared how such an unfortunate incident became an unexpectedly good thing for her and her family after all.

Before the world knew of the imminent threat of the pandemic, this woman and her family were scheduled for a vacation trip to Wuhan. However, a month before their scheduled flight, her passport was taken by her naughty pup named Kimi. The passport was chewed and torn beyond recognition.

The woman took a photo of her mangled passport and Kimi hiding underneath the covers. The guilty dog knew she was in big trouble for her latest stunt, seeing as how upset her owner became.

After a few days, news about the coronavirus began to circulate. Wuhan bore the world’s spotlight since it was the epicenter of the pandemic virus. Kimi’s owner realized that her dog’s actions ultimately prevented them from making a colossal mistake that could have endangered their lives.

Kimi saved her owner from going to the pandemic’s ground zero.

The dog’s actions may not have been genuinely intentional, but the result still prevented the owner and her family from going to Wuhan. Kimi’s naughty act turned out to be a wonderful blessing in disguise. It would have been a troublesome New Year celebration had they continued with their plans.

That dog probably never knew the full impact of what she did. The wrecked passport might have caused a delay, but it effectively kept the entire family from danger.

Photos courtesy of Kimi0611 via Facebook


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