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The world knows who Conan O’Brien is and he has become a celebrity because of how funny he is. He is a host of a late night talk show.

People who watch Conan know that they’re in for laughs when they watch his show. He often makes political commentaries that are the truth but made to be funny. He also makes interviews quite fun to watch.

There are times when Conan tries something different. Different but still funny nonetheless.

One thing that the team of the talk show did was quite different. Conan declared a war against all of the bearded guys that were in the studio at that time. He said that he would rather have dogs around.

In the end, what transpired was a gag which many people found to be funny. And cute as well because of the dogs.

The whole thing was really too cute not to watch again and again and again. Some have even asked why it did not happen any sooner. And now that it has been done, we are really, really thankful that Conan and the entire talk show team created this.

There is a scientific basis for this. According to a study which was done by some scientists in Switzerland, more germs can be found in the beards of men as compared to the germs that can be found in dogs’ fur. So essentially, Conan has chosen to be a lot cleaner when he decided that there should be more dogs than bearded men.

What is quite a random fact that can be seen as boring by plenty of people, well, Conan used that to create something amazing and spread the word out about how much more unclean beards are. And we get to experience tons of laughter.

Now, thanks for the laughs!

Source: Team Coco


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