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Fruit harvesting is a really fun activity. Hence, many fruit farms are offering packages where guests can pick and harvest the fruits they like – for a fee. It’s a great experience as well as a good bonding experience for family or friends. Hence, a dog owner in Taiwan decided to go fruit picking with her dogs. It was generally a successful bonding activity until the dogs gave in to the temptation of the fruits in front of them.


Kelly and Keira went to a dragon fruit farm in Taiwan with their owner. Kelly is a Border Collie and Kiera is an Australian Shepherd. They went to the farm along with two other Border Collie friends. The dogs’ owner posted about it on their Facebook page and shared the hilarious outcome of their trip. The dogs were caught eating the fruits – the red snouts (color of the dragon fruits) were proof enough. Because the dogs looked really adorable, the post instantly went viral.


The comments to the posts are really positive and people just fell in love with the group of fruit-stealing dogs. Someone even commented that the dogs clearly loved and enjoyed the fruit that they ate. One also commented that it looked like the dogs have some fuchsia lipstick on while another said the color won’t be coming off too easily. The rest are just posts sending love to Kelly, Keira, and their furry-friends.


According to Kelly and Kiera’s owner, the two dogs are very playful, funny, and energetic and just want to make everybody happy. Kelly is also a certified therapy dog and helps kids and elders. Kelly is 5 years old and super smart while Kiera is only 6-month-old. Both get along really well that some people even think that they are litter-mates.


The dragon fruit farm that the group visited is 10 hectares big and has other fruits like bananas, guavas, papayas, and loquats. Kelly and Kiera’s owners said that the dogs were able to easily pick the dragon fruits because they grow on cactus and not very tall. One of their Border Collie friends was also snapped snacking on guava that has fallen on the ground.

You can follow Kelly and Keira’s adventures on their Facebook page!


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