Daenerys was a white Pitbull that was left in an empty apartment by her previous owners. When the landlord was going to change the locks of the front door, he noticed the dog sitting in the corner of the bathroom.

Meeting Daenerys

The landlord called his friend Tara, a volunteer at the local shelter, to pick the dog up. Tara immediately dropped what she was doing and drove to the apartment.

Once Tara arrived, she instantly approached the dog. Surprisingly, Daenerys’s tail wagged as she walked closer to her rescuer.

Tara and the landlord were shocked since Daenerys hadn’t been properly fed since her previous owners left her. Tara spent a few minutes giving Daenerys a snack before carrying her to the car.

Journey to forever home

Tara took Daenerys home and immediately bathed her and gave her some food. She wanted the dog to feel comfortable and safe so she dressed Daenerys up in pajamas and set her on the bed. Tara wasn’t sure how Daenerys would react to other dogs and she was currently fostering seven at the time so she kept Daenerys inside of her room.

As the days passed, Daenerys steadily gained one to two pounds a day. As Daenerys got back her strength, she blossomed into an even more playful and sweet dog.

Daenerys stayed in Tara’s home for a few more months before Tara felt that Daenerys was ready to find her forever home. Luckily, a kind woman from Colorado sent in a good application to adopt the dog.

Tara drove up to Colorado with Daenerys to meet up with the kind woman. Fortunately, the woman and Daenerys instantly formed a bond.

The woman adopted Daenerys right there and then. Daenerys didn’t have a hard time transitioning into her new home since she loved playing in her new yard.

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Source: The Dodo via Youtube


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