Bentley, the golden retriever, melted the internet after his owner, Melissa Nixon, shared his cute footage on Facebook. The clip showed the adorable dog waiting patiently for his human siblings to get on the school bus safely. This is a routine that Bentley religiously follow every single morning.

In the video, Bentley was seen keeping watch over the six-year-old Kylie and five-year-old McKenna as their school bus arrived. He was sitting patiently while the kids were boarding the bus. He even watched it move off.

Unsurprisingly, the video that Melissa shared on November 20 caught the attention of thousands of people online. In the caption, the fur mom explained that Bentley does this every morning. She also said in an interview that Bentley’s whole demeanor changes whenever he watches the children in the morning.

According to Melissa, Bentley is such an energetic and playful dog. However, he takes his job of walking his human siblings to the bus very seriously. In fact, Bentley has been consistently doing this duty ever since he became a member of Melissa’s family.

Because of Bentley’s daily routine, the bus driver and monitor have already become his friends. They greet him every morning as he sits very strong and still in front of the house. Then, once Bentley is sure that the kids have already boarded the bus safely, he will go back into his goofy self.

Bentley, from Amherst, New York, also loves to visit his human siblings at their after-school daycare. He goes with his parents as they pick up the kids and greets the other children, too. Melissa said that Bentley is such a great dog, and we could not agree more.

Bentley learned everything so quickly, including how to look after his loved ones properly. As many commenters said, Bentley is the best!

Credit: Melissa Nixon


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