All responsible dog owners would do everything for their dogs to save them from any possibilities of dangers. Jarrod Martin’s house in Memphis, Tennessee, was burning tremendously when the firefighter officers came to rescue them. Unfortunately, after they were all rescued, a dog named Bishop was left inside the burning house, so he decided to save his dog despite the restrictions of firefighter officers.

While Jarrod was outside the burning house, he saw Bishop surrounded with blazing fires in a glass door on the patio. The firefighter officers guaranteed to him that they would rescue his dog; however, he decided to save it from danger by himself. He ran through the police barriers, and he went into the window to put his dog into safety.

Although his family and friends admired his heroism, the firefighter officers charged him of reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct. He put their lives into danger when he disobeyed them; however, he was relieved when his dog was safe already. Bishop could have been dead if he didn’t act immediately.

Jarrod’s family was pleased and contented because Bishop was finally free from any danger inside the burning house. Although he ended up in trouble, he still didn’t regret what he did to save his loving and loyal best friend. Bishop’s safety was very important to him, and he believed that every responsible dog owner would do the same too.

Jarrod couldn’t see Bishop dying in the burning house without doing anything to save him. For him, his dog also deserved to be saved from a life-threatening situation. All dogs should be loved and treated well, so they shouldn’t be abandoned in a helpless situation.

His family supported his good intention to save Bishop; in fact, they were overjoyed when they discovered that he successfully saved his dog. Jarrod would face all the charges, but he was still untroubled because he knew that his family was on his side. Now, Bishop lives with his family in a safe home that is filled with abundant love and affection. Watch the video below:

Video source: Cam Cornelius via YouTube

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