A police dog who was seriously injured in the line of duty received one of the UK’s highest honors for animal bravery.

West Mercia police constable (PC) Mike Davey, now retired, worked as a dog handler for 17 years. Bacca was the fourth dog paired with him, and the two of them started working together in June 2012.

One fateful night in June 2018, PC Davey and Bacca were supposed to go looking for a missing person when they received a more urgent call. A man was outside a news agency in the town of Bromyard, smashing his way into the building.

Image credit: West Mercia Police Federation on Facebook

PC Davey arrived at almost the same time as the other police officers. There were no reports of a weapon previously, but the offender suddenly pulled out a huge knife and threatened them with it.

The police yelled at the man, telling him to put the knife down. In a shocking twist of events, the criminal used the weapon to slice his face open. That’s when PC Davey released Bacca to prevent the man from doing more harm either to himself or to other people.

Bacca bit the man on the leg, but then he started attacking the police dog, slashing at his head with the boning knife. One police officer used an incapacitant spray on the assailant, but it did not affect him at all.

The criminal started fleeing toward a narrow alley. He kept slashing and stabbing at Bacca, who was right at his heels. PC Davey, recognizing the danger the dog was in, chased after the man and resprayed him with PAVA. But once again, he was unfazed.

PC Davey and Bacca eventually succeeded in pinning the assailant to the ground, but not before sustaining grave injuries. The police dog bore the brunt of the man’s anger, and he was losing a significant amount of blood when his handler came to check on him.

Hence, the constable asked one officer on the scene to take Bacca to a vet clinic before dropping him off at a hospital. The assailant had stabbed PC Davey on the right hand, so he also needed medical attention.

A year after the incident, Bacca received the PDSA Gold Medal at Birmingham Repertory Theater. This award, which honors the bravery and loyalty of animals, is widely regarded as the equivalent of the George Cross.

Davey is incredibly proud of Bacca, whose dedication to his work never wavered even when he was in harm’s way. The canine is now retired as well and is living a quiet, relaxed life with Davey and his family.

The West Mercia Police also have nothing but praises for Bacca. Watch the former police dog with his handler, now his fur dad, below:

Source: PDSA on YouTube

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