Dogs are not always considered as the smartest species in the animal kingdom. That distinction often goes to elephants, chimpanzees, dolphins, parrots, and even cats. But since we are dog lovers, we beg to disagree.

Dogs deserve to join that elite group and be hailed for their intelligence too. And we have proof that dogs are not just silly and goofy, and that they are smart as well. In our featured video, a heroic German Shepherd proves he’s intelligent enough to lead a state trooper to his owner’s burning house.

Please watch the video below. It’s awe-inspiring, to say the least.

Our featured video comes in two parts. The first part is footage from the state trooper’s dashboard camera. Here we see our smart dog running on the highway, leading the state trooper’s car.

The dog goes by the name Buddy. He’s the canine companion of Ben Heinrichs from Anchorage, Alaska. One night, Ben was in his workshop when a fire erupted.

Ben called for help. Unfortunately, on the way to his property, Alaskan State Trooper Terence Shanigan’s GPS froze. He could not find the way to Ben’s property.

That’s when Officer Shanigan saw Buddy on the road. His instincts kicked in. He followed Buddy’s lead.

The dog led Officer Shanigan to the scene of the fire. Ben got the help he needed. Buddy saved the day or night to be more accurate.

The town honored Buddy’s heroic deed with a simple ceremony. There he was given a silver bowl. According to Ben, this is not the first time Buddy had saved his life.

Ben vowed that he would cook Buddy a nice piece of steak. That’s to show his gratitude to his loyal and highly intelligent canine companion. We hope this settles the debate; dogs are not dummies.

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