For the sake of her babies, a mother will go above and beyond to save them. This mama doggo saw that her son got injured badly, so she made the scary decision to trust strangers.

Mama dog allowed the Animal Aid rescuers to take Toggle, her injured pup, to the vet. She sensed that these people could help her son more than she could.

Her instincts were spot-on. Animal Aid Unlimited is an organization that fostered and provided medical care to all kinds of animals, stray or not. Good call, mama dog!

We’re not sure how the puppy got his wounds, but Toggle was in so much pain, he could barely walk. Our rescuers gently carried the puppy, careful not to hurt him further.

Toggle whimpered while the rescuers cleaned his wound, but stayed put to let the vet do his magic. The puppy suffered deep cuts, but pretty soon, the doctor fixed him up nicely.

Thankful to his rescuers, Toggle didn’t let his discomfort stop him from showing his gratitude. After his treatment, this furball mustered enough strength and limped to the medical team to offer kisses.

Despite his ordeal, his gratitude and positive character shone brightly. It’s no wonder Toggle soon became everyone’s favorite in the shelter.

He’s such an adorable pup that no one could resist his charms.

We bet the shelter workes wanted to adopt him, but knowing that he had a mom waiting back home for him, they were happy to make the most of the time they had with Toggle.

Toggle sure missed his mom, but these beautiful people made the separation a little easier to bear.

Soon, it was Toggle’s time to go home, and shortly after, the pup reunited with his mom and siblings. Salute to everyone involved in this story!

Photo and video credits to Animal Aid Unlimited, India via YouTube


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