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Oh Summer! The sand, the beach and the hot sun. You make a habit of dabbing sunscreen on your skin before heading out for a run with your dog. Then you think “Should I give my dog some sunscreen as well?”

Yes, you do. Did you know that dogs get sunburn too? Yes, they do. And that hot sun also does a lot of damage on your dog’s skin.

Apply sunscreen on your dog’s skin

Prevention is always better than cure. So before exposing your dog to the harmful rays of the sun, you should apply sunscreen on his skin first. Even if he’ll just be out on the lawn where his dog house is.
Use a child-safe sunscreen that’s between SPF 30 to 50. You want to apply it on areas that isn’t covered by hair or fur – like the nose, ears and belly, and if your dog has bald patches you want to put sunscreen on there too. The key is to apply sunscreen on parts where you see your dog’s skin – including arts with thin hair.
If your dog goes swimming, or has gone off rolling on grass or sand, you want to reapply the sunscreen.

Do not expose your dog to too much sun

Even with sunscreen your dog will still get sunburn if he is exposed to too much sun, especially during the hottest time of the day. So you want to keep your dog under a shade or indoors during noontime until early in the afternoon. This should keep him safe from getting sunburned.

Cool him down using water

If your dog has been out too long, you can pour water on his skin to help cool him down. Check his skin as well. If it looks a little on the pink side then it may mean that he’s been out too long and has gotten sunburn. You can check with your vet for quick remedy and how to soothe a sunburned skin.

Make sure he is well hydrated

Always make sure your dog is well hydrated. Make sure he has access to cool, clean, and fresh drinking water. Apart from sunburn, you want to keep your dog from overheating or heat stroke.

Dogs that are pink-skinned, single coated, short haired, and thin-haired are the ones that are most likely to get sunburn when exposed to the sun a lot. If you have a boxer, pug, greyhound, or a Dalmatian, you’ll want to be extra careful with exposing them to the sun.

Your skin getting sunburned is painful, right? Just imagine your dog in that state: uncomfortable with his skin (literally). Ouch!

If your dog does get sunburned cool down his skin immediately. Put on cold compress on the burned area and have it checked by your vet. If there are any blisters your vet will ask you to apply topical medicines on it.

I know the joy that summer brings is exciting. But make sure to take care of both you, your family, and your dog’s skin during hot summer days. Go get yourselves a good quality and effective sunscreen, get your pup some too.

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