In this world, it’s almost novel to receive a random act of kindness. Whether we receive it from our family or friends, such an action can put a smile on one’s face.

However, a particular pooch named Lana teaches us how to be compassionate towards everyone we meet – even if they’re strangers.

Thank you for this good life.

When you’ve experienced the worst things in life, you can truly appreciate the goodness that other people show you.

Such is the case of a rescue pooch named Lana. Before she lived with her current family, Lana experienced living alone on the streets of Brazil. Thanks to rescuers, Lana finally had a chance at a better life.

Shortly after the rescue, Lana met her new family in the persons of Suelen and her fiancé. Since then, the pooch experienced everything a dog wishes for – a loving family, a comfortable home, and good food.

Do you feel cold?

Now that Lana’s experiencing the good life, there’s almost nothing to add that she can wish. Despite this, Lana did not forget her humble beginnings.

As Suelen posted on her Facebook account, there’s this one night that she brought a thick blanket to Lana to keep her cozy. However, Suelen didn’t know that Lana wouldn’t hog all the warmth and comfort the sheet brought.

When a stray puppy wandered near Lana’s dog house, the kind-hearted pooch didn’t hesitate to exhibit an act of compassion towards the pup.

Oh, how kind of you, Lana.

When Suelen and her fiancé headed out to work the following morning, the scene they encountered surprised them.

Half of the blanket that Suelen gave to Lana was on the outside portion of their fence. And, sleeping on it is the stray pup that Lana helped out the previous night.

All those things happened in the dead of night; as such, no one managed to witness it personally.

Indeed, such an act of kindness is a remarkable sight to behold, especially when it comes from a dog. If you want to witness Lana’s incredible story once again, feel free to watch the video below.

Video Credit: Slideshow Of Animals via YouTube

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