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Dogs can be playful and silly at times. But they can instantly turn into heroes when the need arises. Meet Jax, a happy-go-lucky Labrador who did not think twice about saving a baby bird in need.

Jax was hanging out with his owner by the pond when he noticed a movement in the water. When he took a closer look, there he saw a little bird who was struggling to stay afloat. The bird looked frantic, and it was desperately trying to catch the attention of anyone.

Jax’s instinct told him that if he does not jump into the water, the poor bird will not make it. So, he leaped into action and swam to the bird’s direction. When he reached the bird, he caught it gently with his mouth and took it to safety where his owner was waiting.

The tiny bird survived, thanks to Jax’s heroic action. If he hesitated for just one minute, the bird could have died. It’s such a good thing that Jax is quick-witted when it comes to emergencies like this.

Jax’s owner could not be any prouder of his beloved pet. He was quite surprised when his dog suddenly jumped into the water. But when he realized what Jax was up to, he got his camera and caught the rescue mission in a video.

In the video, Jax’s could be seen swimming back to the shore, while his owner uttered words of encouragement. The little bird was safe in his mouth, and when he reached the shore, he gently let the bird out. Jax’s owner scooped the bird up with his hand, and the two walked away from the shore to give the poor bird urgent care.

Jax was proud of what he had accomplished. He may not be the most well-behaved dog, but he sure proved to his owner that when another animal is in need, he’s most willing to help.

Check out how Jack saved the baby bird from drowning in the video below.

Source The Animal Rescue Site via YouTube

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