Dogs that suffer from attacks from other dogs don’t do too well. Dog attacks don’t only leave physical scars, but it also harms their mental and emotional well-being. Dogs that suffer from a severe dog attack are usually put to sleep because they are unable to cope with the trauma, which can also make them aggressive.

A dog named Jojo survived a near-fatal attack from two dogs. Jojo was severely injured that no one knows if he’ll make a full recovery. It was suggested that Jojo could recover if he had rehab and water therapy. The attack also affected Jojo’s confidence. As part of the treatment to help Jojo walk again, his mom, Josephine Zosa, started to take him to water therapy sessions.

The water therapy sessions and rehab helped Jojo exercise and with his mobility. The veterinarian treating Jojo told Josephine that the beach is the same thing. So, Josephine started taking Jojo out on the beach to swim and to walk around. Josephine began to notice that Jojo’s confidence also improved ever since they started their beach trips.

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Eventually, Josephine saw a group doing dog surfing lessons. Josephine didn’t know it was a thing but decided to give it a try with Jojo. Josephine realized that Jojo was a lot happier when he was on the board, surfing the gentle waves. It eventually became a family event. It became a way for Josephine and Jojo to start bonding, and it also helped Jojo trust other dogs and humans again.

Surfing made such a massive impact on Jojo’s health. After the attack, the vets only gave Jojo a few more months to live. However, thanks to surfing, Jojo continued living for another four years and still counting since the attack.

Jojo also inspired Josephine to do other things, such as paddle boarding, kayaking, snowboarding, and hiking. Jojo’s adventurous spirit made Josephine do a lot more things in her life. Here’s an inspiring story about Jojo finding his passion in life that helped him heal from a traumatic event in his life.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube


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