Dogs are so precious to humans. We can’t imagine them being lost and in danger. When we lose a dog, the worst scenarios come into our minds – being out in the cold, hungry, no shelter, stressed, etc.

This is what Michael Parker and his wife thought when they lost their very own dog, Soup. They were worried sick. Little did they know, Soup was safe and was being treated like a king.

Soup is an English setter. He was training with Michael to prepare for quail season. He was learning how to smell, flush out, and recover the game birds.

In the middle of training, Soup picked up an unfamiliar scent and chose to follow the smell. He ran into the woods, and that is when Michael completely lost sight of his dog.

Soup’s absence devastated the couple. They looked across Montgomery, Alabama for him.

They took to social media and regularly checked in their local Humane Society shelter in case Soup happened to have passed by.

The couple thought Soup was scared and lonely after he went missing when, in reality, he was perfectly fine.

After Soup had lost his way, a man named Charles Brooks who was a plant maintenance supervisor, found him on the Kilby Correctional Facility grounds.

Brooks found poor little Soup next to a truck with no collar. He figured he lost his collar in the woods. He quickly developed a bond with Soup and he fed him biscuits.

Brooks led Soup into the facility and Soup made friends with everyone. The inmates even shared parts of their meal with Soup. He played with the inmates and the guard dogs.

Days later, a social media user called Michael and informed him where Soup was. The caller saw Michael’s call for help in a Facebook group made for missing animals.

Michael and Brooks met outside Brooks’ shop on the prison grounds. Soup ran up to them with only one whistle, and he excitedly jumped all over his owner.

Genuine happiness was evident on his face. Soup quickly jumped into their car’s passenger seat, obviously wanting to go home. Michael said his thanks and they took off.

Even though Soup was happy that he reunited with his owners, he cannot help but miss his friends at the facility. So his owners thought of a solution.

They decided to let Soup visit the correctional facility regularly to play with his friends.

Indeed, Soup was glad and excited to see everybody again.

Source: KGET News via YouTube


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