Dogs are not friendly and loyal just because we give them food and shelter. It’s a proven fact that humans and dogs share a special connection. No other creatures can claim to have this kind of relationship and closeness with humans. Some say that certain breeds show more loyalty than others. But essentially, a dog’s loyalty escalates if they are treated right.

If a dog-owner forms a strong bond with their canine companions, this bond can last forever, even after the owner is gone. This is what happened with a dog named Zozo. His story is one of the few exceptional stories of dogs that never forget their owners.

In life and beyond

Zozo was barely a week old when he was abandoned in the streets of Ordu, Turkey. Alone at such a young age, the pup had no chance of surviving. Luckily, a man named Zafer Ozturk found Zozo and took him home. As Zafer took care of the dog, feeding him and playing with him every day, their bond grew stronger and stronger.

Zafer’s family noticed how the relationship between the two flourished. Zafer’s son said that his dad deeply adored the pup. It was the same for the dog. So when Zafer fell gravely ill and eventually succumbed to his illness, Zozo was hit hard. The dog mourned his loss, and his sadness became apparent. Moreso when they visited Zafer’s grave the first time.

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Zozo went straight to Zafer’s grave and lay down on top of it. The dog cried and whined, expressing his great loss. The family was surprised at what the dog did. They knew that he mourned for his dad, but they weren’t expecting him to do that. So every time they visited their father, Zozo tagged along with them and did the same thing.

There were even times when Zozo would run away from home, and they would find him in the cemetery. Watch Zozo visit Zafer in the heartwrenching video below.

Source: All Colors TV via Youtube


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