Two lost, and freezing dogs received a bit of Christmas spirit recently. A Milwaukee County Transit bus driver spotted the dogs out in the freezing weather and came to their rescue.

Jamie Grabowski had just finished her shift on the night of December 18 when she noticed the two dogs by themselves in the road. It was just past midnight, and the dogs looked alone, cold, lost, and frightened.

Jamie turned her bus around and stopped. A surveillance camera captured the Milwaukee bus driver stopping her bus and beckoning to the dogs. Grabowski shouted out to the dogs that they needed to go home and encouraged them to come inside her bus. The two dogs, a Pitbull and a Doberman pinscher stayed close together as they entered Jamie’s bus.

Jamie called the Milwaukee County Transit dispatch and explained what was happening. Jamie was scared the two dogs would be hit by a car and knew she had to help them find their home.

Soon, a local police officer arrived at Jamie’s bus to collect the two dogs. The officer brought the dogs to the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission. The rescue shelter could then start looking for the dogs’ family.

The shelter learned that the dogs were both around two years old and had wandered out of their family’s backyard. The dogs had walked nearly three miles from their home when Jamie found them. Jamie, a dog lover, was overjoyed the dogs’ family had been located. The bus driver felt very thankful she had spotted them and had been able to help.

The Pitbull and the Doberman were safely returned to their family in time for Christmas. Thanks to the thoughtfulness of Jamie, the dogs were saved from freezing to death or getting hit. Jamie was able to meet the family, and everyone was able to enjoy the holidays.

Credits: RideMCTS YouTube


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