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A mother and daughter named Grace and Jhec Victoria have been giving care for dogs and cats that have been abandoned. Every day, they would travel for at least three hours from their house in the Philippines to go to a town where they would feed 30 dogs and 12 cats. This was what they did before the lockdown has been imposed.

When the lockdown was enforced, all people had to stay at home except for frontliners. However, the mother and daughter team knew they had to continue with what they were doing. Each day, they would observe even more dogs that were starving, homeless, or chained. This broke their hearts and despite already having a lot of animals to feed, they felt like they still needed to help these animals.

Each day, the two would prepare more food and bring more water to feed dogs that were chained. They didn’t see any owners and they saw just how starving the dogs were.

To ensure that anything that they were doing was not against the law, they secured a permit that would allow them to travel and do what they do. They saw that they were only a few of the people who were able to help the hungry dogs.

They knew that there were more starving animals during the lockdown because they knew that even food establishments were closed so the animals didn’t have any source of food whatsoever. They used to find food from the garbage that the food establishments threw away.

The mom and daughter team knew that the work was exhausting but that did not stop them from bringing with them a lot of food and water for the animals. These animals needed their help more than ever and they were doing just that despite the lockdown and the situation.

Source: ABS-CBN News


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