Now, what are the odds of giving birth on the same day your dog delivers her litter? It’s such a wild possibility to entertain, but it can happen. And, well, it did happen.

This story is courtesy of couple Kami and Joshua. The couple was expecting their second child. But a surprise was waiting for them on their delivery date.

Delia, the couple’s very pregnant pup, chose not to be upstaged by her mom. So while mom gave birth to her son, whom they called Brayden, Delia also finally decided to deliver her litter of nine Goldendoodle puppies. Now it must have been a busy day in the family’s household.

For one thing,  we can assume that such a scenario was logistically challenging to Joshua, the household’s patriarch. He had to look after two women giving birth, and it must have been stressful for him, to say the least. Still, the whole family came out of it bigger and stronger.

To commemorate the special day, the family threw their newborn son and puppies a photoshoot. The resulting images were nothing short of pawsome. Brayden with the puppies look like they all belong together.

Sadly, Kami and Joshua knew the could not possibly raise all of Delia’s puppies. It was simply financially impossible. Dogs have needs that must be consistently provided, and they all cost money.

So Kami and Joshua had to make a difficult but necessary decision. The couple opted to keep one of the puppies. They said their tearful goodbyes to the other eight.

The rest had been adopted. One puppy went to a medical facility to be trained as a service dog. We have high hopes for Delia’s litter, and surely each of them will make a mark on the world, or at least their backyard.

Thanks to Inside Edition


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