Dogs will always be hilarious, and whatever they do, they somehow manage to maintain that persona. Try asking any fur parent, and you’ll find out that the majority agrees.

These French Bulldogs are two of the most recognized pitties on social media. They’re named Griffin and Haru, and their antics are well-documented. They also enjoy a global fan base in the millions.

It’s no wonder these two are so popular. With those adorable faces, a mix of diva and child-like attitude, and those proverbial ears, they’re a force to reckon with.

We should also give credit to their hooman mom; after all, she’s the reason they’re so popular.

On this day, she took a blanket and went to the comfiest couch in the house to grab some zzz’s. She also hoped she could do it alone, thinking that the pitties would be okay playing by themselves.

Well, that didn’t happen. As soon as mom settled down, Haru went up to snuggle and attempted to share the blanket with mom. When mom didn’t budge, the pets had to have an emergency meeting.

They knew she was ignoring them, and being the little divas they were, the pitties came up with a plan. Griffin jumped on mom, and Haru did her trust fall.

Mom finally stirred, and the pets rejoiced; they hoped for some treats, but she merely opened the blanket and motioned for them to join her.

By now, the pitties were ready to do anything to wake her so she could give them some love and food, but she maintained her position.

The pets then settled down with her. Griffin held mom’s hand, telling her he’d be there when she wakes up. It’s safe to say that mom’s plan didn’t work, but she didn’t get mad at her babies. They’re too adorable for a scolding.

Photo and video credits to Griffin Frenchie via YouTube


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