Puppies are adorable, even older dogs are. They bring immeasurable joy to one’s life. But sadly, more and more unwanted pets are getting dumped and abandoned each day.

Dogs deserve nothing but a happy, peaceful life surrounded by people who care for them. Unfortunately, not every canine gets the life they deserve. They are discarded like trash. And people always come up with a ridiculous plan of dumping unwanted animals.

Thankfully, humans with compassionate hearts still exist. And that’s how this particular puppy was saved.

Rescue volunteers of Love Animal World were on the road when they suddenly heard a puppy crying. Realizing that the sound was coming from a heap of rocks, they stopped and went to investigate. But as they came closer, the crying stopped.

The rescuers waited and looked all over the area. A few minutes later, a little puppy emerged from the stones. It was like someone intentionally inserted him in the middle of the rocks. And there was no way the little guy would have made it out on his own.

The puppy was terrified. He started barking and attempted biting his rescuer. Because of extreme fear, he seemed incredibly ferocious and dangerous.

But the rescuers were determined to help. They were patient. They lured the puppy with some food. And while the little guy was hesitant at first, he eventually gave in and had a bite.

When the puppy calmed down, one of the rescuers started to remove the rocks, one after the other. And after several attempts, she finally managed to grab the pup and free him from his stony confinement.

The woman took the little guy home. She gave him some milk and a tasty meal. Gradually, he got used to the people around him. And because they have fallen in love with the puppy already, they decided to make him an official part of the family.

Credits to Love Animal World

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Born and raised in the Midwest, I am a mom, business owner, and a lover of furry animals. There have always been four-footed furry pets in my life. Big or small, it seems I love them all! Most of my pets live long and happy lives and I have been fortunate to have several devoted friends thru the years from small Cocker Spaniels or Llasa Apso to the "let em take over your entire bed" black labs. Whether we buy them, breed them, or rescue them - however they come to our home, they are always welcomed into our family and soon take over a permanent place in our hearts.


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