It is natural for puppies to be playful and energetic. We find it cute when they do silly stunts and when they display their tricks. But for one puppy, playtime got a little too out of control.

The executive director of Wags, Hope, and Healing, Jennifer Carroll, received a call about a puppy who was stuck in an old tire. The local woman who is the owner of the poor puppy was in a panicked state and had asked for their assistance.

Apparently, the pup’s head somehow got through the hole of the tire and got stuck. Carroll tried coaching the woman about what to do. They tried using grease to ease the puppy out but they were not successful.

The fire department was called to help out in saving the puppy from its unfortunate situation. The pup’s dog mom, Foxy, sensed that something bad had happened to her baby but she remained calm despite her anxiety. Some dogs would get worked up and act aggressively in situations like this, but Foxy understood that everyone is helping out her baby.

The fire department along with animal services came in minutes and they started helping the puppy immediately. Metal cutters and Jaws of Life were used but they did not beat the tough old tire.

Luckily, one of the firefighters remembered the fun fact that when puppies sit, their necks get squished. So they proceeded to prod the puppy to do some doggie yoga and it was surprisingly successful!

Everyone was so relieved especially Roxy. She kept licking and smooching her baby when it was brought to her. Since they noticed that Roxy and her babies were unspayed and unneutered, they took care of that during the rescue as well. They were also microchipped. The puppies were put up for adoption while Foxy went back to her family.

The puppies were named after tire brands as a playful reminder of what happened that day. They were christened Goodyear, Dunlop, and Michelin. They are all sweet and the families that they end up with will surely be lucky.

Credits to Wags, Hope and Healing


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