Our instincts could immediately tell at first glance when something is special. And a vet in Antigua knew this to be true when somebody left a cardboard box containing a puppy outside his doorstep. It wasn’t just any puppy, but one with a permanent squint and a wrinkled forehead!

The kind stranger got in touch with Dogs and Cats for Antigua, a local rescue center who immediately picked up the puppy. Malnourished and missing her eyes, the rescuers were still confident that they could be able to give her a chance to live a happy life. They named her Faith.

Kate Venezia, her foster mom, explained that special need dogs would typically be ‘put down’ when you were in the islands. This is because they either lacked people who wanted to adopt or lacked funding to look after strays. This did not hold the facility back: they took her in, shouldered her vet bills, and convinced their government to fly her out of the country so she can get the proper medical attention in the United States.

When Venezia took Faith home, she was surprised at the little one’s determination. She navigated the house like a pro, sniffing, and bumping into things. She remains unfazed even when she gets hit—jumping right back up and moving forward. Her foster mom describes her as fearless.

Her excellent navigation skills prove useful, especially as she makes her way towards her favorite spot, which is right on top of Kate’s feet. Faith loves being around other people, even more so with her foster mom. The adorable little pup knows if Kate is near, sticking her nose up in the air and sniffing around to find her.

Faith was medically evaluated at the New York City-based facility called Animal Haven. They will be the ones to determine if the fearless little pup will be ready for adoption. The center is responsible for deciding if she will still need surgery to make sure her eye sockets are okay and will remain healthy as she gets older.

In the meantime, applications for her interested fur-parents have flooded in, and a fund-raising drive geared towards her medical care was set up on their official Facebook page.

From Antigua’s exotic island to the hustle and bustle of busy New York City streets, this little darling has come a long way. But with enough support and kindness from other people, it won’t be soon before she finally lands in the arms of her new family.

Source: Animal Haven


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