Dogs are undeniably very good pet companions to have. There’s a reason why they have been referred to as man’s best friend.

But sometimes parents become worried when trying to bring in a dog to the family, they become concerned especially for their kids’ safety. Although this anxiety can be true for some instances, there are more benefits for your kid when they actually get a puppy as a companion.

Here are some reasons why you should consider getting a puppy for your kid.

1. Dogs can help deal with depression

Very recent researches show that owning puppies can greatly help people cope with extreme sadness and depression. Since pets, especially dogs, can show their owner a kind of love that can be considered unconditional, this can greatly help someone that is fighting depression.

Depression is a highly serious mental illness that can befall anyone at any age. Letting your kid have their very own dog that they can be friends with and would show them unconditional pet love would be very helpful in preventing them from developing this highly dangerous illness.

2. Puppies can be very good listeners

Dogs were the very good pets that they are can be extremely good listeners. Since puppies are essentially giving us all their support and love, they can be perfect listeners. Even if they don’t completely understand the things that you are saying, it can be very rewarding when you try to talk to them about your haunting problems.

Dogs will not judge you for the things you are saying, they won’t ever cut in on your rants. Dogs will only listen to you with the most sincere intent because they love you unconditionally.

This is very helpful for very young children that are being scolded by their parents. Children may think it’s not comfortable when talking to their parents about their personal problems. Dogs can be that special friend that a kid can tell everything.

3. Children with dogs are less likely to become sick

Recent studies have shown that children that had their own dogs when they were grew up to be rather very healthy.
A research shows that children that had a pet dog were more likely to grow up healthier than those kids that did not have their own puppies when they were young. It was shown that those dog-owning children had lower stress levels and thus lowering the chances of developing common diseases.

4. Dogs can help protect your children from danger

Dogs aren’t only very good friends for your kids, they are also effective guards and protectors. Once your dog learns that they are now part of the family, they will now try to defend the family that they have.

There are breeds that are more protective than others but essentially all dogs will try to protect the things that they love. They will bark at things that they think is a treat, and would actually fight other dogs that are becoming hostile to you or your children.

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Born and raised in the Midwest, I am a mom, business owner, and a lover of furry animals. There have always been four-footed furry pets in my life. Big or small, it seems I love them all! Most of my pets live long and happy lives and I have been fortunate to have several devoted friends thru the years from small Cocker Spaniels or Llasa Apso to the "let em take over your entire bed" black labs. Whether we buy them, breed them, or rescue them - however they come to our home, they are always welcomed into our family and soon take over a permanent place in our hearts.


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