Two men and a woman from South Korea frantically conducted a rescue to save a puppy stuck in the sewers. As the rain was coming, they knew that they had to get the small pup out before water filled the pipes. Thankfully, they succeeded.

Cries from under the street

Residents from a community were shocked to hear cries coming out from under the street. They could clearly identify that the noise was coming from a dog, so they called a rescue organization to help the poor creature come out. Two men first went to the area and quickly located the trapped pup.

It somehow got inside the open end of a drainpipe and got lost inside the maze of pipelines. And since the opening was too small for humans, they had to find another way to get in. They tried calling out to the dog, maybe coax him out, but he was frozen in fear.

The only possible option for them to go in is through a manhole which was covered with a grate. its edges were locked in by cement.

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Soon a veterinarian came to help them.

Armed with a small search camera, they determined the exact location of the puppy. This is important so they can choose the right manhole to gain access to. Once they figured that out, they then took out some tools and started removing the cement. Soon they were lowering a ladder down the sewer.

One of the men squeezed himself down the manhole and got the puppy. He was on the edge of the pipe, too frightened to move.

When the pup was finally outside, the vet took him and took him to her clinic. Fortunately, the pup did not suffer major injuries. Her paws were swollen and had some cuts. He was then placed in one of their kennels to recuperate. When he is well enough, he will be given to a foster where he will stay until he gets adopted.

Source: Kritter Klub via Youtube


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