Dogs are one of the sweetest kinds of animals. They always want our love and attention. We need dogs as much as they need us.

A Golden Retriever named Cheddar was happily living with his owners for eight years. But one of his parents got cancer. They decided to give him up because they couldn’t take care of him anymore.

It’s a very heartbreaking decision for his family to bring him to the shelter, but they had no choice. They were hoping that Cheddar would find a good and loving new home. Fortunately, Cheddar was adopted shortly after they left him in the shelter.

Posted by Animal Lives Matter, the Original on Thursday, April 5, 2018


From the time Cheddar arrived in his new home, he quickly made them feel how happy he was to be a part of their family. He’s always demanding attention from them. He always wants to be around them.

Cheddar’s new pet parent is Shelley Vassall. She said that Cheddar couldn’t be alone. He wants all the attention to him. If you pet him and you stop, he’ll bump his head to your arm or even tap his paw to tell you to continue petting.

Cheddar loves meeting people. He loves the attention that people are giving him. He did not really have favorites until he met their neighbor.


One day, Cheddar and his mom went out for his daily walk when they saw an elderly couple sitting right in front of their house. They approached the couple to say hello. Cheddar instantly fell in love with the old woman, Jean. So, they stayed for a few minutes before leaving.

After that, Cheddar would visit Jean as often as he can. He always insists on dropping by her place. There are times when Cheddar would pull his owner towards the direction of Jean’s house even if they are not headed that way.

Cheddar would sometimes grab his leash to go to Jean’s house too. Jean would always have cookies for Cheddar whenever he pays a visit. Cheddar made a great connection with Jean that he didn’t have with anyone else.

Credits: Animal Lives Matter, the Original, The Dodo

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