Meet Tulsa, a German Shepherd who’s not only a service dog but also a loving best friend to Sydnee Geril. Sydnee is from Florida, USA, and she’s currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment as she’s battling with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare type of cancer.

Typically, a family member accompanies the patient during chemotherapy or radiation therapy sessions; but what amazes people is that her dog also joins Sydnee, not just for physical support but emotional support as well. It’s never easy to go through the process of chemotherapy. It’s not only painful, but it also leads to stress and anxiety to the patients. Tulsa provides all the comfort Sydnee needs during the process, such as overcoming the fear of needles.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, it became more challenging to be in a hospital environment, especially for those people with chronic illnesses, heart conditions, respiratory problems, and diabetes. People who undergo treatments such as Sydnee needs to adjust to the situation.

Even though Sydnee needs her canine’s presence during her chemo sessions, she does not disregard that Tulsa might get the infection brought by COVID-19. She’s mindful and feels the need for the safety of her dog from the possibility of acquiring the virus. Luckily, she discovered a dog-suit that prevents dogs from virus exposure.

The suit doesn’t only fit Tulsa’s body, but it’s also perfect for his personality as he plays a superhero in Sydnee’s life! It covers Tulsa from neck to toe, making him safe every time he visits the hospital.

While they hope for better days ahead, Sydnee and Tulsa’s partnership helps them deal with the current situation. Sydnee, with Tulsa by her side, helps her look on the brighter side of her illness. Tulsa helps Sydney fight the kind of battle that, for many, is the hardest to overcome. Tulsa’s constant presence in Sydnee’s medical journey makes the patient optimistic and believes that her dog brings so much improvement in her life.

Source: servicedogtulsa

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