In the midst of the Texas storm last month, Aubrey Morgan’s foster dog, Maggie, went into labor. The German Shepherd mix dog mama has successfully given birth to seven healthy pups after the winter tragedy.

At first, before the blackout occurred, Maggie was inside the house of Morgan’s family. When she went into labor, she was panting and resting, still inside the house, said, Aubrey. There was still electricity when the first four were delivered.

It took 12 long hours before Maggie was able to birth the last three puppies. Morgan’s family has moved her from their house to their SUV. It was her husband that thought of it.

He laid tarpaulin and blankets on the floor. Then, he cranked up the heat to help Maggie and her babies fight the cold.

After all of it, the couple took turns taking care and protecting the canine family all the while looking out for their own family.

The San Antonio couple warmed up the heart of the head of SPCA Hill Country. They were proud of what the Morgan family did even though their own family was facing a crisis. Going above and beyond what is really expected of them is such a nice move, said the head.

It was in January of this year that Morgan’s family decided to foster the pregnant dog after seeing her in the shelter. Aubrey has always loved animals, especially dogs. Because of that, she was saddened when she saw Maggie there.

Together with her husband, they adopted her. Since she is also a new mom, Aubrey took good care of Maggie. She researched everything related to taking care of a pregnant dog.

After two weeks, the “Lucky 7” puppies of Maggie are strong and playing with Aubrey’s daughters. Now, the family is looking for a fur-ever home for the pups.

Source: NBC News via YouTube

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